Call It Merry

Celebrate the holidays Sterling Mill style in this small town, best friend’s little “sister” romance.

The holidays are such a soul-sucking time. I don’t buy into all the commercialism of decorating a tree or Santa. But then I’m bamboozled into hanging lights, making ornaments, and baking fruitcakes—all things I hate—by a woman who’s haunted me since I met her months ago.

Now, Megan is determined to fix what she calls my Grinchy attitude about the holidays. We might not share the same feelings about Christmas, but I am more than happy to unwrap her behind closed doors. However, she’s determined to keep me on the “friends only†list when I would rather be on the “naughty list.” The only problem is, the more I spend time with her, the more everything I believe is called into question.

Because the Grinch may have stolen Christmas, but Megan may have stolen my heart.

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