Hearts Aligned

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They say that there’s plenty more fish in the sea…

Great advice if you’re a fisherman. I wasn’t. I also wasn’t a ‘love ‘em and leave ‘em’ kind of guy. That is, until Melissa Cross showed up, stole my heart, and then disappeared with the pieces. It took a while, but I made a new life for myself, one that didn’t include any part of her. Except, it turned out, it did. Our lives are more connected now than they ever were.


They say to keep your friends close and your heart closer…

I always assumed this little pearl of wisdom meant to treasure the man I fell in love with more than anyone. Until the day I learned that it really meant to hold tight to your heart, because once you gave it away, nothing in the world hurt more than leaving it behind. I thought I’d moved on. I thought I’d built a new life that didn’t – couldn’t – include Chris Matthews. Turns out I must still own a piece of my heart. Otherwise, I’d never be able to feel it shatter all over when I saw him again. Our lives seemed destined to align, but would there ever come a time when our hearts would as well?

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