Starlight Wishes

A woman in white shirt and black pants kissing another person.
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I might have to work with Tyler Cranston, but I don’t have to like him. I do, however, have to be civil to him because his best friend just married mine. But that doesn’t explain why I find myself doing the walk of shame after maybe playing a little too nice with him—out of my own apartment, no less.

Getting too close to him can produce only one ending, and it’s not the happy kind. At least, not a second time.


Jennifer Mitchel has been a pain in my backside since I’ve met her. I thought we finally “rubbed†each other the right way…but then she snuck away. Maybe it’s for the best. Regardless, something in me wants to chase her. She says she doesn’t like me, but it felt a lot like something different to me, and I’m not ready to let that feeling go.

(Note: This is a standalone novel based on characters introduced in North Star and True North. You do not need to read them in order to enjoy this one.)

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